Manufacturing & Engineering

There are many hazards in the manufacturing & engineering sectors

It is important that we continue to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries, and improve the wellbeing of people throughout these industries.

THSP work with manufacturers in all sectors; in batch and volume manufacturing, from automotive and warehouses through to food production, tailoring our support to your exact requirements.

Keeping Your People Safe

Our consultants have a broad knowledge and experience of the workplace health and safety issues you face within the manufacturing industry. They can help you to improve safety, reduce costs, manage sustainability and motivate your staff.

Our friendly consultants are fully employed by THSP, based throughout the UK. They care about you and your team, and are always looking for solutions to offer or opportunities to help. Their work is backed by excellent software such as our Risk and COSHH Assessment Builders which are included in our outsourced services.

When Things go Wrong

People matters arise in most workplaces on a regular basis. Even your in-house HR person, will have times when they’ll want to pick up the phone and ask a lawyer for an opinion. The outcome of that call could save you many hours, excessive stress and thousands of pounds. Having up-to-date staff contracts and handbooks, ensures both staff and management know where they stand. This can be backed up by our Employment Disputes Insurance.

What more do we bring?

Topical webinars to educate your team, management software and training. Our experts often consult with each other on legislative matters that cross between health and safety and employment law, ensuring you one solution for both fields.

Make your organisation a safe, healthy and environmentally conscious place to work.


Brilliant and invaluable

Can I just say a thank you to THSP for everything they are doing. The help has been brilliant and the updates invaluable. Thank you and I hope you all keep safe.

Sue Westwood

Company Secretary, Edburton Contractors Ltd


TLGEC have utilised the services of THSP for many years and we have recently increased our service level agreement. THSP now undertake a proactive role in our recruitment, HR strategy and L&D programme.

We have seen instant ROI, both short and long term, in all areas with Andrew and his team providing a very high level of service and expertise, which has been a huge contributory factor in our growth.

James Deane

Managing Director, The Little Green Energy Company


The support and time THSP has given ST Contracting to date has been invaluable.

The information imparted is certainly an eye opener into the world of HR, equally your inclusive approach, and the undertaken training, certainly have lifted some of the perceived mystic.

Brian Skeete

ST Contracting