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Caste discrimination

The government has decided not to include ‘caste’ as a protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010. Does this mean that caste discrimination goes unprotected?


Statutory notice and continuity of employment

Normally, an employer must give notice to terminate a contract of employment. Section 97(2) of the Employment Rights Act 1996 allows an employee dismissed without notice to add their statutory notice onto their continuous employment. If an employee is dismissed without notice for gross misconduct, can they add on their statutory period of notice to extend their effective date of termination?


Our Risk Assessment Builder Turns One

One year ago, THSP launched our Risk Assessment Builder. Since the launch, thousands of unique assessments have been created. The builder has gone from strength to strength and received praise from many of its users. “It is absolutely brilliant, takes the hassle out of doing risk assessments and is totally intuitive to use.” – David…


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