Business Health Check Tool

Welcome to our Business Health Check Tool page.

How are you measuring the health of your business? Happy Customers? Staff retention? Turnover? Have you considered your legal compliance?

THSP’s business health check tool asks you some simple questions about your company and then creates a customised Business Health Check Report that identifies your biggest risks using a simple traffic light system.

Green means you’re doing great! Yellow means you need to act. Red means you need to act now!

Whether you’re doing a small business health check or a compliance audit for a large company, you can use the health checker to discover the risks facing your business today.

Find out your score now – It takes less than 2 minutes and it’s totally free. 


Brilliant and invaluable

Can I just say a thank you to THSP for everything they are doing. The help has been brilliant and the updates invaluable. Thank you and I hope you all keep safe.

Sue Westwood

Company Secretary, Edburton Contractors Ltd


THSP have been very professional.

They have worked as our partner to advise us what we should do to resolve our health and safety issues. THSP’s staff have all given us excellent service.

Bharat Shah

Director, Dairy Den (UK) Ltd.


When we use the Risk Assessment Builder... is up-to-date and covers more risks, rather than the historic generic ones


Combustion Ltd