Leisure & Hospitality

Protect your business

Good safety, hygiene and customer service are a must in the leisure & hospitality sector.

Within this sector, you can’t take a chance on accidents, ill-health or employee disputes disrupting your workplace and costing you time and money.

Our health and safety consultants have experienced the best and worst practices in hotels, clubs, restaurants and many other types of venues, giving them the expertise to help you to get things right in your business.

We offer sensible and practical assistance to enable you to run your business safely and with due care for your staff and the general public. Our HR Support Team are available from 9-5 weekdays, and provide watertight Contracts of Employment for both full time and temporary workers.

Make your place a great place for your customers and staff to be safe and healthy.



Brilliant and invaluable

Can I just say a thank you to THSP for everything they are doing. The help has been brilliant and the updates invaluable. Thank you and I hope you all keep safe.

Sue Westwood

Company Secretary, Edburton Contractors Ltd


THSP have been very professional.

They have worked as our partner to advise us what we should do to resolve our health and safety issues. THSP’s staff have all given us excellent service.

Bharat Shah

Director, Dairy Den (UK) Ltd.


When we use the Risk Assessment Builder...

...it is up-to-date and covers more risks, rather than the historic generic ones


Combustion Ltd