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Safe Demolition Projects

The law states that all demolition, dismantling and structural alteration should be carefully planned and carried out by competent practitioners. Having the right health and safety expertise is essential at all stages of your project.

Managing Your Risks

At THSP we know the difficulties facing the modern demolition contractor and pride ourselves on providing sensible solutions. Taking the people out of the work has reduced risk on larger projects. However, for the “hands on” tasks, managers need to carry out up to date, site-specific, relevant risk assessments as and when needed. THSP’s online risk assessment builder, gives you the tool to assess your process in line with the HSE’s hierarchy of risk.

For nearly 30 years, our fully employed consultants have helped the demolition industry to become a safer place to work through training, site inspections and guidance. We’ve moved with you as your industry has become more mechanised and less hands-on and we understand your workplace.

Protecting Your People

We know you want your employees to return home safely, and protect them from health issues and the multitude of hazards they may encounter. Regular site inspections with toolbox talks can make a real difference to your team’s safety and health. And will go a long way towards protecting you in the event of an incident.

Under Regulation 7 of The Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1975, you must have a competent health and safety person on your team. With THSP’s annual retained health and safety services we will act as that competent person.

Protecting You

Employment issues arise when you least expect them. If you employ people, you will have a need for good advice and someone to stand by you to deal with the ever-changing employment legislation. We make it as painless as possible to get you back to your job. THSP’s HR support team works alongside our health and safety team to bring you combined solutions to those areas of the law that cross both boundaries.

Part of Your Community

THSP are Independent Service Providers to the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) and have worked closely with them over the past 20 years to ensure safety standards are continually raised. During this time we have liaised with the team at Resurgam House to develop and deliver their audit scheme, and worked with the NDTG to develop training specific to your industry.


Very informative and incredibly supportive

I would like to express how impressed we have been with Andrew over the years but especially during the pandemic, he remained calm and even received a call from us at 9pm after a Boris announcement.

Antonia Moffat

Director, Zota Construction


Tribe is an all-round system for us.

It allows us to monitor our entire workforce regardless of their employment status or location. I would recommend THSP to any employer who wants to reduce HR processes and keep track of their team.

Jennifer Daly

Head of Business Services, Box & Charnock


Extremely fair & professional

We have employed the services of the Employment Law Dept at THSP for a number of years and in that time we have found the service offered to be invaluable.

Stephen J Cobb

Managing Director, Angel Plastics Ltd.