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Retail Solutions

Could a slip, trip or fall harm your employee – or worse, your customer?

The implications could be extremely damaging to your business. Are shop premises really low risk? Our experience in the retail sector suggests that in any busy location, there will be dangers. Falling objects, trailing leads or crushing crowds during busy sale periods, can all cause injury to staff and the public.

Looking Out For You

By law you need a person to advise on health and safety, and we can help fulfil this by working with your team to keep your business safe. We design the service to suit your business. If you want fire drills, shop inspections, toolbox talks and e-learning, they can all be included. We keep the stores, head offices, warehouses and distribution centres safe for a wide range of UK and European retailers. Join them, and make your business a safe place to work and shop.

Managing your people

Happy staff make happy customers, so if there are matters that you can’t resolve, having an expert on the end of the phone and Employment Disputes Insurance (just in case), can help you quickly resolve a tricky situation and get you back to work.


It is absolutely brilliant

Takes the hassle out of doing risk assessments and is totally intuitive to use.

David Narroway

Intra Ltd


Tribe is an all-round system for us.

It allows us to monitor our entire workforce regardless of their employment status or location. I would recommend THSP to any employer who wants to reduce HR processes and keep track of their team.

Jennifer Daly

Head of Business Services, Box & Charnock


Brilliant and invaluable

Can I just say a thank you to THSP for everything they are doing. The help has been brilliant and the updates invaluable. Thank you and I hope you all keep safe.

Sue Westwood

Company Secretary, Edburton Contractors Ltd