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As a responsible employer, safety is one of the many areas of focus for your company and your employees.

We understand the benefits of developing individuals and teams to support a positive safety, health and environmental culture. From home offices through to large corporate premises, THSP Risk Management’s consultants have extensive experience and knowledge of the issues facing the everyday office workplace.

THSP’s experience extends to a wide variety of businesses from taxi firms and exhumation companies, to mobile home parks and the music industry. They all have the same thing in common – people. And we are very good with helping you to keep people safe, healthy and well managed.

There for you

We work with your people to understand your working practice, policies and operating culture. We help you provide a safe working environment for your staff and visitors, and assist in creating a positive and productive working environment. If difficult situations arise, we’re there on the phone or on-screen to help you solve your problems.


Since COVID-19, things have changed radically in the workplace. Many people now have either hybrid working roles or are simply working from home. Contracts of employment, arrangements for safe working and consideration for people’s mental and well as physical health all need to be managed, and we can help. Get a free demonstration of our HR Management Software, TRIBE, and see how much time and money you can save.

Make your organisation a safe, healthy and enjoyable place to work.


Brilliant and invaluable

Can I just say a thank you to THSP for everything they are doing. The help has been brilliant and the updates invaluable. Thank you and I hope you all keep safe.

Sue Westwood

Company Secretary, Edburton Contractors Ltd


When we use the Risk Assessment Builder... is up-to-date and covers more risks, rather than the historic generic ones


Combustion Ltd


Easy to understand

Thanks as always to you, Chris and THSP who provide us with great advice that’s easy to understand!

Mark Allen

Health and Safety Manager, M J Electrical Services