Risk Assessment Builder


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Risk Assessment Builder that is taking the industry by storm!

Are your risk assessments suitable and sufficient for managing health and safety in your business? Or are they just a set of templates, pulled together and hidden in a file just in case the HSE should drop by and ask to see them?

Dangerous stuff this! Getting caught out by the HSE is the least of your worries. Risk assessment should be a living, breathing process that affects your entire workforce.

Over the past year, THSP have developed a means of building risk assessments to ensure a greater level of safety is achieved in the workplace. This interactive Risk Assessment Builder walks you through your tasks in a logical way, and gets you thinking seriously about what you have in place, and what needs doing before a job gets going.

THSP’s Risk Assessment Builder is now available on the open market, and is not only getting great reviews, but has already been shortlisted for two awards!



If control measures need amending, you can change them or add your own.Read More »

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Taking the Pain out of Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment will never go away. So those responsible for ensuring the safety of their colleagues will always be looking for ways to simplify their task, but at the same time want to know that what they have produced will hold up in a court of law should an accident occur.

No more repetitive control measures across sheets of assessments for manual handling, working at height, PPE, etc. Just one bespoke, task-based assessment, with intuitive and comprehensive control measure selection, saving you time and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

With an easy step by step process that guides the assessor through each stage of the assessment, and intuitive selection processes, the end result is a comprehensive, accurate assessment of the task at hand.

To give it a try, simply log on to www.riskassessmentbuilder.com and use the trial version to complete two FREE risk assessments. Online guides will take you through the process. Protect yourself and your staff now. Update your Risk Assessments and have the peace of mind that your documentation is current and relevant to the work at hand.

London Construction Awards

THSP’s interactive Risk Assessment Builder was shortlisted in two categories at the London Construction Awards 2017.

This groundbreaking new risk assessment builder was shortlisted for Product Innovation of the Year and Health and Safety Solution of the Year.

The London Construction Awards are the leading and most prestigious construction awards in London. They recognise achievements, developments and innovation within London’s booming construction industry and feature a wide range of categories for solution providers, contractors, architects, developers and local authorities.