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HSE Site Inspections across Great Britain to focus on Manual Handling

If you run a construction site, you need to be aware that the HSE are launching a Manual Handling initiative from September 2023.

HSE inspectors will be visiting sites across Great Britain and checking employers and workers know the risks, plan their work and are using sensible control measures to protect them from Manual Handling injuries.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of health issues regarding moving and handling materials, so that the long-term health of construction workers is improved, and cases of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) reduce.

It is estimated that 40,000 construction workers suffered manual handling injuries last year. This results in not only serious health issues and the inability to perform tasks, but also impacts their quality of life and ability to remain working and earn a living. For a business, this leads to significant losses to time and productivity.

Here are four simple solutions you can take to protect your workforce and business:

  1. Use THSP’s Risk Assessment Builder to create bespoke, task-based manual handling risk assessments, with intuitive and comprehensive control measure selection. These save you time and reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by manual handling.
  2. Book a Manual Handling training course to teach your workers what is meant by safe manual handling. Good training can help reduce the chances of injuries in the workplace as a direct result. Retained customers already get access to discounted training but during September they can get an extra 5% off of any manual handling course they book.
  3. Book a Site Visit from one of our consultants to help you identify where there may be issues, not only with manual handling but all aspects of health and safety on your site. Get 10% off any visit booked during September 2023 when you quote this newsletter.
  4. Use mechanical aides to reduce the impact of manual handling. Useful pieces of kit such as iTip handles can replace existing handles on everything from wheelbarrows to wheelchairs. They are ergonomically designed to rotate, so that as you walk, lift and manoeuvre your load, it keeps your back and wrist straight preventing strain and injury.


For any queries you have on manual handling or any other health and safety matter in the workplace, contact us on 03456 122 144.