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National Mourning, State Funeral and the King’s Coronation – how to treat these events in your workplace

Many people will wish to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II over the coming days, and similarly would like to see the Accession of King Charles III to the throne. This will result in what would normally be called a bank or public holiday, but I am not sure holiday is the right term to use given the circumstance.

Inevitably, employers across the country will all have a different view on how and if this ‘holiday’ can be accommodated. Some may accept it as paid time off while others will have operational constraints. The reality is that the contract of employment will determine how time off can be considered in such circumstances.

If the contract states bank and public holidays are included then you can fix another day out of the annual entitlement, at no additional cost. But we find some contracts say, for example, 20 flexible days and all bank and public holidays. In this case, any additional days will need to be given and paid. Where there is no contract in place then the law demands that a full-time worker will get at least 28 days a year, therefore any fixed days can be taken from the remaining flexible entitlement. Or, if you feel generous, then at your discretion you can give the time as paid leave.

There are many considerations to give, so if you are unsure what to do, or can’t find the answer you are looking for then call us on 03456 122 144.