COSHH Assessment Builder

COSHH Risk Assessment Builder that allows you instant assessments!

With a copy of the material safety data sheet and an understanding of how a product will be used, a competent person can create an assessment in minutes.  It can then be downloaded to share with the people that matter – your employees who are exposed to the dangers of the substances they work with.

Regulation 6 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) requires an employer to formally assess all operations and/or processes which are liable to cause exposure to hazardous substances.

It is no longer deemed sufficient to have generic assessments and just add a location, so THSP have designed this intuitive software to allow you to generate a COSHH assessment that compiles the correct control measures for each substance or mixture of substances.

Our interactive COSHH Assessment Builder is available for free to all retained customers, or just £500+VAT for a 5-user licence.

COSHH Assessment Builder Features

Key features of our COSHH Assessment Builder



If control measures need amending, you can change them or add your own.


Use the COSHH Assessment Builder on any device – phone, tablet or PC.

PPE Selector

Includes PPE types and specifications with pictorial information

No Paper Required

Help save the environment by reducing the amount of paper that you use.


Edit and update your assessments to reflect changes to location and processes without having to repeat the process from the beginning.