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The Labour Party HR and Employment Law Manifesto – What we can expect

THSP Employment Law Consultant - Andrew Wilson

By Andrew Wilson

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A few weeks back the main political parties set out their plans to overhaul HR and Employment laws. Well, as Labour are now the party of choice lets recap on what we can expect during their term in office:

  1. Day 1 rights to sick pay and paternity leave and, most significant, unfair dismissal. Employees need to have 2 years continual service to claim unfair dismissal, currently.
  2. Zero hours contracts to be abolished.
  3. One enhanced band of National Minimum Wage for all ages.
  4. A twelve-week reference period for workers with irregular hours.
  5. Extending the tribunal claim period for unfair dismissal and discrimination to 6 months post event, from the current 3 months.
  6. Employers with more than 250 staff must have a Menopause Action Plan.
  7. A right to ‘switch off’ from work
  8. A move towards a single status worker…we currently have employees, workers and labour only sub-contractors.
  9. A right for unpaid bereavement leave
  10. Making flexible working a default right, unless employers have a good reason to refuse it.

…and a number of other measures to ease trade union activity.

The above are all manifesto pledges, and in line with labour party beliefs, and with such a large majority in parliament most, if not all, will become law.

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