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How you can be prepared for working during storms

In the last few weeks, we have seen yellow warnings for thunderstorms placed across the UK after different storms have brought wild weather.

The latest storm, Jocelyn, has caused high winds and heavy rain which has affected most of the UK. The Met Office has issued an amber wind warning for travel disruption, roof damage and possible power cuts across southern England, the Midlands, East Anglia and Wales. Storm Jocelyn arrives just after Storm Isha swept across the UK and resulted in the death of two people.

Gusts of up to 99mph from Storm Isha swarmed around coastal regions, while inland they are likely to be up to 60mph. Heavy rain is also expected across most of England and Wales.

As storm Jocelyn makes its way across the UK, being prepared is a must. Jocelyn is now the tenth storm in only three months.

How to be prepared at work

It is essential that employers make sure that all items that can be lifted, dislodged, or carried by the wind are either brought inside or secured.

If you are a construction company or have work going on at your premises with scaffolding, make sure that the debris netting or sheeting isn’t going to put undue stress on ties or fly off; check that boards are secured and cannot be lifted by the winds and remove any materials stored on them.

Waste in skips should be covered so that it cannot blow out onto roads, causing pollution or disrupting traffic, both of which you are responsible for.

Following the storm and when you get into work, remember to check your premises for damage and in particular scaffolds to ensure that ties haven’t been loosened or traps opened.

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