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We understand how to keep your business compliant. Working with you, solving your problems and keeping you up to date with current legislation.

Our friendly, helpful approach provides a responsive, bespoke and supportive service created around your needs. Experts in a wide range of industries including construction, demolition, manufacturing, retail, education and offices to name a few.

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THSP are experts in people, keeping your people safe and healthy whilst assisting your management with the day to day issues that arise when employing staff. Offering bespoke advice, training, documentation and support.

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Our interactive hub helps keep you up to date with legislation changes and provides free downloadable resources, including posters, contract templates and policies.

ACAS Conciliation

Following the removal of tribunal fees, ACAS’ early conciliation is in high demand. Early conciliation is mandatory and ensures that an employee tries to resolve any workplace dispute before lodging a tribunal claim. In 2018, tribunal proceedings were avoided in nearly three quarters of early conciliation cases.


Religious Discrimination

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against workers on the grounds of their religion or religious beliefs. In Page v NHS Trust Development Authority, the Employment Appeal Tribunal looked at whether an employee can be fairly dismissed for the way he expresses his beliefs, rather than the beliefs themselves.


Are your job adverts accidentally putting off potential applicants?

A new LinkedIn report has looked at the language used in job adverts and found that certain things can deter a potential applicant from applying. The survey of more than 1000 employees and 250 recruitment managers found that more than half of women would be put off by an advert describing the workplace as ‘aggressive’, compared with only a third of men.


How far can restrictive covenants go?

Restrictive covenants are clauses in employment contracts which protect a legitimate business interest by restricting what the employee can do both during and after their employment. The clause must be reasonable – but what is reasonable?


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