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THSP Employment Law Consultant - Andrew Wilson

By Andrew Wilson

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We often get feedback when we have made a high positive impression, either in acute cases or for the consistent, bespoke and responsive support we have given over a longer period of time.

The role we have in our partnership with our customers can be challenging, sometimes confrontational. After all we are helping business owners to do the right thing; to avoid costly tribunal cases, to get HR culture on the map, to be fair and equal. That’s what we are instructed to do! It goes with the territory what we are trusted to cover, so when the dust has settled, stresses have levelled and some normality has returned then it is truly humbling to get feedback on the part we have played.

One particular customer, a large multi site estate agent business based in Herts and Beds, shared a few heartfelt thoughts they had about us as a team come the end of last year. They said the following:

“We might not always like what you tell us, and huff and puff about it all,  but genuinely, it’s comforting to know you are there supporting us and guiding us through no matter how complex, or straightforward the situation… The fair and reasoned approach you have and translate to us certainly is most welcome… It’s safe to say we have definitely got our monies worth this year and not only that, but value for it.”

We don’t necessarily go out looking for praise on every case we have worked upon, it’s the job we love, the variety we get and results we know we achieve; there are never two cases the same. That said, when we do get sincere and heartfelt feedback it demonstrates that we do make a difference, we have been there in some really difficult times and our advice has been for the right reasons; reducing the risk of court costs, tribunal awards and stress, enabling the business to live another day.

These are the reasons why I love my job, why I am passionate about HR and Employment Law; but above all customer relationships and satisfaction.