Changes to Mobile Access Tower Standards

As an employer, you have a responsibility to provide equipment that is safe when working at height.

If you are using mobile access towers, ensuring that the equipment complies with the new EN 1004-1 standard is the best way to meet that duty.

Towers with the working platform below 2.5m now fall within the scope of EN 1004 for the first time, as the new standard covers towers from the ground up, rather than just those from 2.5m up as previously.

The new standard also includes

  • Shorter distance between platform levels (max. 2.25m, down from 4.2m)
  • Shorter distance from the ground to first platform (max. 3.4m, down from 4.6m)
  • Measures to prevent castors falling out
  • Requirement for platforms to be secured (‘wind locked’) at both ends so they won’t uplift in wind
  • New guidance for manufacturers on wind and gust loads.

Whilst the new standard is not law, it is industry best practice, so if you are buying or hiring access equipment you are best advised to ask for an EN 1004-1 compliant tower.

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