Much of the Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) in use today does not offer the user the level of protection that is implied by the manufacturer. This is not due to any faults with the equipment it is simply that the respirator does not fit the user’s face correctly.

Where RPE is used as a control measure under Health and Safety Legislation, it is vital that the selected RPE is adequate and suitable. To ensure the RPE fits correctly a face fit test can be performed.

The face fit testing is specific to each person and includes:

  • A sensitivity test
  • The fit test (20-30 mins per test)
  • Advice on how to:
    • Check the mask is working properly before use
    • Identify worn or broken parts
    • Check the mask still fits
    • Information on the limitations of the mask to be used

All types of RPE should be tested, our Face Fit Testing Service is suitable for Filter Face Pieces (FFP) and Half Masks using a Qualitative method.

THSP provides face fit testing conducted in line with the standards expected in the HSE Operational Circular No 282/28: Fit Testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment Face pieces.

We come to your site to do the face fit test and a report is produced for each person tested.

Please note: You need to provide your own masks. The correct mask for the job will need to be provided prior to the test and it is the company’s responsibility to ensure each operative brings their own mask and is clean shaven. 

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