Manor Concepts Ltd

Manor Concepts Ltd became a customer of THSP back in 2008 after searching for an expert partner concerning HR matters. We spoke with Kathryn Shaw, HR Manager of Manor Concepts, to find out the positive outcomes of our partnership.

The Challenge

The problems faced by Manor Concepts before choosing THSP.

On joining the company, THSP services were already in place. THSP are a local company to Manor which was useful should you need a face-to-face meeting. It soon became clear that THSP offered a customised service that supported Kathryn in her new role as HR Manager at Manor.


Why Manor Concepts chose THSP over other companies.

Kathryn highly recommends THSP. She has looked at other services but prefers THSP’s personal touch. They are available very quickly to speak to and are able to discuss any HR problem. They will support with the written paperwork if it is required.

The Solution

How THSP’s service and strategy solved the problem Manor Concepts faced.

Kathryn says that the THSP team are highly responsive, providing instant support as and when needed depending on the HR issue at hand. She particularly likes the readily available nature of the THSP team who are always ready to listen and act on her problems faced.

In particular, Kathryn says that Andrew Wilson, HR and Employment Law Director at THSP, consistently goes above and beyond for herself and the business as a whole. He not only offers advice but also his opinion on his approach, constantly dealing with difficult situations. She says that Andrew consistently prepares the paperwork immediately when it comes to pressing situations and offers his complete support, despite Andrew having many plates to juggle as a Director.

The Results

The measurable results that THSP’s service has provided.

Over the many years Kathryn has worked with THSP’s HR team, she says that her knowledge has increased considerably through Andrew’s guidance through difficult situations. She highlights that Andrew has also aided her own development in the role, as well as his support for the business more widely.

“The service that we get from THSP is invaluable. I have a good relationship with Andrew, I don’t feel that any question is too small to ask or invalid, and he’s always happy to talk me through issues that the company faces. This is the main reason why we have stayed with THSP for such a long period. The relationship I have built with Andrew over the years is extremely useful as he knows our company well and the issues that we face. No matter the severity of the problem, I know that I can talk it through with Andrew and he will provide valuable advice. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without THSP! This is why I’ve never considered moving to another HR provider.”

Overall, Kathryn describes THSP’s service as vital, finding our support essential to have in place and cannot imagine not having THSP as an outsourced partner. Kathryn is reassured to know that whenever the organisation has a problem, Andrew will be there as soon as she calls. Whenever they have a problem, she is reassured by THSP’s reliability which has allowed Manor Concepts to successfully overcome all of their HR issues, even those posing themselves as extremely difficult. She ends by stating that she wouldn’t be able to carry out her job without Andrew’s support. The level of service we provide is testament to their continual renewal year on year.