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Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday June 2022

Remember that the UK will have a Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of June, for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. This year’s jubilee celebrates the Queen’s 70th year as monarch.

When is the Bank Holiday?

The Bank Holidays for this year are a bit different. While the Spring Bank Holiday is usually held on the last Monday of May, this year it has been instead moved to Thursday 2  June. As well as this, it is also followed by Friday 3 June to celebrate this special occasion.

As a business, make sure that you have you planned for this by making clear whether your staff will get a break, given there is no general right to time off for bank holidays.

Payment over the bank holiday is dependant on your employment contract. If yours states bank and public holidays are included in the entitlement then you can fix another day out of the annual entitlement, at no additional cost. But we find some contracts say, for example, 20 flexible days and all bank holidays. In this case the additional day will need to be given, and paid. Or, if you feel generous, then you can give another paid day at your discretion.

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