Change in Ladder Standards

Ladder standards in the UK have changed – make sure you are up to date.

BS EN 131 (the UK’s version of EN 131) has been significantly revised. This covers all types of portable ladders (step, extending and combination) and improves ladder safety through ensuring ladders are wider, stronger and sturdier.

All ladders on the market now are required to be designed and manufactured to the current EN131 standards.

The previous standards of BS2037 and BS1129 (often termed as Class 1 and Class 3 ladders) have been withdrawn.

If you have ladders that were compliant with the obsolete and withdrawn standards you may continue to use them if they are still in good condition – that’s because standards are not retrospective. But, when those ladders are worn out or damaged and need replacing, or if you need to purchase more ladders, you should only buy ladders which meet the latest EN131 standard.

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