Box and Charnock

Box & Charnock

The Challenge

To manage HR processes and legal compliance whilst reducing risk and improving productivity

Box & Charnock are a Bedford based specialist provider of integrated mechanical and electrical solutions to the residential and construction industry. With a turnover in excess of £30 million and over 200 staff and subcontractors, they required an HR software system that would enable them to track their diverse workforce easily and effectively. From ensuring Gas Safe Qualifications were up to date, to managing everyone’s holidays, Box & Charnock needed a practical solution, so asked THSP for help.

The Solution

THSP provided their Employment Safe Service containing TRIBE Software – an intuitive online HR management solution. Employment Safe included all the Employment Contracts and Handbooks, plus telephone advice. TRIBE software allows Box & Charnock to manage their HR function quickly, securely and cost-effectively. TRIBE is flexible and highly configurable, allowing it to be customised to Box & Charnock’s exacting needs and thereby giving them unlimited functionality to ensure the effective running of the business. Features that helped this customer included:

  • Easy and instant access from any device – Box & Charnock office staff use it via their intranet, while site staff easily access it via their mobile phones and tablets
  • Effective payroll and immigration compliance –TRIBE enables Box & Charnock to track all their self-employed, sub-contracted and salaried staff. The system allows payroll, immigration compliance, annual leave, absence monitoring, employee tracking and all elements of performance and progress to be managed at the touch of a button
  • Instant tracking and automatic calculations –TRIBE software calculates wages based on timesheets entered and allows for qualifications and insurance expiry dates of the sub-contracted workforce to be tracked and checked – a critical element of Box & Charnock’s business and something they had struggled to do previously
  • Streamlined and cost-effective –TRIBE has enabled Box & Charnock have all their HR processes online. Processing time has been significantly reduced and even some manual checks are now unnecessary, thanks to the alert system in TRIBE which automatically flags up anything non-compliant and notifies the team
  • Interactive and time saving functions –With a whole host of functions to help Box & Charnock work more effectively, TRIBE saves time, saves money and minimises errors. From a live calendar which can be imported into Outlook, management receive weekly email notifications and automatic warnings /reminders. They are alerted to absences, lateness, holiday entitlement and training of their entire workforce
  • Significant reduction in errors –Using TRIBE allows Box & Charnock to review the business as a whole, rather than file by file or department by department, making it an invaluable tool in managing staff risk. With all information encrypted and stored, a full audit trail is available at all times, which is vital in the event of a dispute
  • Bespoke dashboard with full support – TRIBE is comprehensive enough to meet all of Box & Charnock’s HR and payroll monitoring requirements, whilst the user-friendly dashboard makes it simple enough for all staff to use.

The Results

  • An easy and effective system to manage their staff
  • Saved the need for two administrators
  • Cost savings of over £35,000.

TRIBE is an all-round system for us. It allows us to monitor our entire workforce regardless of their employment status or work location. Every other system we trialled could only handle either salaried staff or non-salaried staff, and TRIBE does both. I would recommend THSP and TRIBE to any employer with a range of engagement routes, who wants to reduce manual HR processes and effectively keep track of their team.”

Jennifer Daly, Head of Business Services at Box & Charnock