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If you are the person whose job it is to keep track of your colleagues’ holidays and absence, write their contracts of employment and staff handbooks, or manage everyone around you when someone steps out of line, you may be finding life somewhat pressured at this time.

The impact of COVID-19 on those who have responsibility for staff has brought a new wave of concerns including the contractual arrangements for placing people on Furlough, applying for grants under the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, and possibly planning for restructuring as people are returning to work. We can help!

Services that will benefit your business include:

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In the period from October – December 2020, 100% of
Employment Safe Customers renewed their contracts

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THSP’s Employment Law team are highly qualified and well experienced with matters concerning people.  Our solutions for you range from several levels of Employment Safe Services, to Tribe, our comprehensive HR Software.

An oversight such as an out of date contract, a mismanaged grievance or disciplinary issue, or any other disputes with your employees, can leave you vulnerable. Tribunal claims for discrimination or unfair dismissal often amount to thousands of pounds and many hours of hard work for you.  They can also damage your company’s reputation.


“THSP were excellent in helping the company to restructure
The advice we received was very detailed, as we would expect, the support was always practical. Even to the point that THSP attended consultation meetings with me and drafted all the necessary paperwork. We are now in a strong position to move forward.”



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You could also combine an Employment Law Retained service with THSP’s Business Safe, and benefit from discounts on both services as well as on other products including site visiting and training.  Try us for a year – it could work out cheaper than being tied into a long-term contract that may not be everything you need.

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THSP are experts in people, keeping your people safe and healthy whilst assisting your management with the day to day issues that arise when employing staff. We offer bespoke advice, training, documentation and support.