THSP London Workers

Before you open your premises or bring staff back to your workplace, you will need to have carried out a full Workplace Risk Assessment. This should reflect the latest guidance for protecting your employees, customers and the general public from COVID-19. Approaches to managing customers, and general daily practices are likely to have changed, and they need to be included in your risk assessments.

We would work with you and your team to review your workplace and develop your risk assessments to ensure they are relevant to your business and your risks. Social distancing at work, especially where you are open to the public, requires careful planning. We look at existing control measures you have in place, and add in any new controls to keep your staff safe.

The desired working arrangements must be communicated clearly with your staff to ensure everyone will participate and keep themselves, their colleagues and your customers safe.

Let us help you develop your Return to Work COVID-19 Risk Assessment. Following our visit, we will send you a copy of your assessment within one working day, with a Certificate of Compliance to display in your workplace for your staff and customers to see.

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