Construction is one of the biggest industries in the UK and, by its nature, often one of the most dangerous.

It is important that we continue to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries occurring on building sites and improve health and safety culture throughout the industry.

As specialists in construction, we have a comprehensive understanding when it comes to the health and safety, employment law and environmental needs of the construction industry. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and expertise in working on building sites and complying with all legal duties, as well as substantial experience working with businesses of all sizes in the sector.

Our capability to support site visits nationwide is unrivalled, so you can trust us to deliver on our promises at both a local and national level.

THSP Risk Management’s range of services offers support to construction companies in:

Health and Safety

THSP’s number one priority is to keep your business safe whether this is in your office or out on the building site. It is vital for construction companies such as yours to reduce the risks inherent in your everyday activities.  Our health and safety consultants are here to guide you through the raft of legislation, with the aim of keeping your staff, sub-contractors and site visitors alike as safe as possible. This workplace health and safety support can include site visits which are provided on-site at your building site.

Employment Law

Employment law can be a minefield. With the heavy reliance on sub-contractors in this industry, the question of worker status frequently arises, and cultural differences in today’s diverse workforce can lead to misunderstandings, affecting your legal position. THSP’s employment law advisors are very familiar with the issues that our construction industry faces today. They can develop your HR and employment law processes to help you create a fair workplace, keeping your staff motivated and happy.


Bats, newts and Japanese knotweed can cost you a fortune.  Having the policies to deal with environmental matters, from air and water pollution to protection of endangered species, can make a difference as to how your staff deal with these matters.  Backed by good, sound advice from environmental consultants and demonstrate to your clients that you take your environmental responsibilities seriously, which will win you more business.

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