The ‘Gay Cake’ case

Is it discriminatory for a devout Christian baker to refuse to bake a cake bearing the message ‘Support Gay Marriage’? No, the Supreme Court has said in Lee v Ashers Bakery. Mr Lee is a gay rights activist in Northern Ireland. He ordered a cake saying ‘Support Gay Marriage’.

Vicarious liability

Is an employer liable for a drunken assault which happens after a work party has finished? Sometimes, said the Court of Appeal in Bellman v Northampton Recruitment. Mr Major was managing director of Northampton Recruitment.

Unfair Dismissal

Should an employer always have a meeting before dismissing an employee for some other substantial reason (SOSR)? Not always, said the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Hawkes v Ausin Group.


Is it harassment to call an employee a ‘fat ginger pikey’? Not in Evans v Xactly the Employment Appeal Tribunal has said.  The employee was a sales executive with type 1 diabetes and links to the traveller community.

Data Protection Breach

Is an employer responsible for the actions of an employee who has ‘gone rogue’ and deliberately posted sensitive employee data online? Yes, the Court of Appeal has said in Morrisons v Various Claimants. Mr Skelton was an internal auditor at Morrisons. He had been recently disciplined and held a grudge against the company. He took…

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Tis the season to be jolly and this can only mean one thing – tis also the season of the famous office Christmas party!  A time when bosses loosen purse strings and staff let their hair down and, love it or loathe it, the annual Christmas party will happen.