If you own, occupy, manage or have responsibility for non-domestic premises, it is your duty to manage the risk from any materials containing asbestos under the Control of Asbestos Regulations.

As well as possibly putting the health of your staff and customers at risk, you could be liable for some or all of the following:

  • Closure of the premises
  • Personal fines of up to £20,000

These might sound like extreme measures but asbestos is potentially a very dangerous substance. Currently in the UK approximately 3,000 people die each year as a result of exposure to asbestos.

In order to discharge your legal responsibilities, you should carry out an asbestos survey throughout your business sites to establish the presence, location, quantity, nature and condition of any asbestos at your workplace. You must also have a plan for managing and controlling any asbestos if it is found.

THSP Risk Management can assist you by surveying for workplace asbestos and providing a full report. This report will indicate whether further intrusive investigation is required. We can then develop an asbestos management plan to allow you to properly discharge your legal obligations and to protect your staff and customers.

Our experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that you are meeting all requirements of current asbestos legislation as well as introducing best practice to protect your workplace against the huge risks associated with asbestos.

In addition to our asbestos consultancy and asbestos management plans, we also offer a range of approved UKATA training courses which can be run in classrooms in London, Bedfordshire, Essex and throughout the UK.

Alternatively, this training course can be held in-house at your premises, this offers the ability to train multiple members of staff at the same time in an environment where they feel comfortable. It also means that you save time away from the workplace and save money on travel and accommodation. All of these courses can be tailored to meet your requirements and reflect your business needs. Click here to view our UKATA training courses.

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