THSP’s Employment Law and HR Consultants can offer help and advice on a case by case basis depending on your requirements

Employment Tribunal Advocacy Services

For a fixed fee we can support and guide you from preparation of the Employer’s Response Form, known as the ET3, through to representation in tribunal.

Disciplinary, Redundancy, Medical and Performance Management issues

These must all be progressed in a clear procedural manner, otherwise, an employee would have a strong claim for unfair or constructive dismissal. We guide our clients, step by step, by providing the correct support and documentation throughout the case.

Contracts of Employment and Staff/Management Handbooks

Will enable you to discharge your legal duties and help you manage your workforce for the foreseeable future.

Settlement Agreements

These agreements are often the most acceptable and beneficial way in which to terminate a contract of employment, without the repercussions of a claim being made for the termination being unfair or discriminatory. Included free as part of the Employment Safe service.

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