Managing the aftermath of a major accident can be traumatic for management and costly for your business.

THSP Risk Management will guide you through the accident investigation process, take away some of the stress and help you move forward.

Accident investigation isn’t just required if someone is killed or seriously injured it should be used when an accident happens which stops you or your workforce being able to carry on working. An example of this could be a scaffold collapse, forklift accident or warehouse stacking fall. These near misses could next time result in injuries or death so it is important to learn from these and put appropriate measures in place to ensure they don’t happen again.

Our accident investigation consultants work independently to establish the root cause of the workplace accident, this is key to prevent it happening in the future. Workplace accident investigation is about much more than evaluation it is about learning if nothing changes then what is stopping the same accident happening again?

There are many factors our consultants consider in their investigations including:

  • Why did the accident happen?
  • Was there anything that could have been done differently?
  • Were there any breaches of health and safety systems?
  • Is there a training issue?
  • What changes are needed to avoid a similar accident?
  • What lessons can be learnt?

Our friendly accident investigation consultants are fully employed by THSP and are based throughout the whole of the UK.

We can:

  • Provide assistance when liaising with enforcing authorities and solicitors
  • Carry out an investigation
  • Act as expert witnesses in the event of a prosecution
  • Provide a full behavioural based safety programme to engage the workforce into taking ownership of their and their team’s safety.

Our experienced consultants will act rapidly in response to improvement or prohibition notices, giving clear guidance and assistance where appropriate.

We are independent accident investigation consultants so will be impartial in finding out the cause of the accident providing you with our fully documented findings whilst also identifying any procedures that need to be implemented or changed or any training requirements.

Call us on 03456 122 144 to confidentially discuss any issues you are experiencing.