What does an accident cost your business?

The HSE calculates the cost of an accident causing an employee to be off work for seven days to be £28,500.

Traditional health and safety courses place delegates in a classroom environment and tell them what to do; a Behavioural Based Safety Programme, however, is geared towards providing the tools needed to change attitudes and actions.

If you find that you are chasing the same failures month after month, why not change your approach and invest in a Behavioural Based Safety Programme.

So how does it work?

Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) is a process that creates a safety partnership between management and employees or contractors, it will continually focus on people’s actions and the actions of others promoting good safety behaviour. A BBS/Culture Change programme focuses on what people do, analyses why they do it, and then applies a research-supported intervention strategy to improve what people do.

At its very core, BBS is about applying solutions to real world problems, the purpose of which is to challenge the behaviours of all staff and consequently reduce the likelihood of any safety related incidents or accidents occurring. Collaborating with your existing health and safety team and your existing systems, THSP’s Behavioural Based Safety Programme will bring measurable improvements and ensure engagement. This programme will be tailor-made to meet your needs, once established it can be left for you to run with your in-house resources.

This programme has proved a catalyst for cultural change for several organisations from the construction, civil engineering, facilities, highways and rail sectors.  As a result of the programme a number of clients have seen their reportable accidents reduce and minor accidents dropping by 50% in the same time period.  Close calls and near misses have increased dramatically, which showed buy-in to the programme.  Also, since its inception there has been on average a 150% rise in the number of safety incidents reported within the business, a rise which has contributed to the growing recognition of ownership of the programme.

The programme has been merited with a number of awards including Safety Innovation Awards, the Rail Business Awards and was Highly Commended at the annual IOSH awards, and most notably to Steve Wiskin for his development, management and facilitation of the programme winning Safety Person of the year.

THSP’s approach ensures that employees and contractors at all levels can be directly engaged.

The stages, delivered via workshops, include:

  • Safety Leadership (predominately aimed at senior management)
  • Key Influencers (staff who significantly lead and influence others)
  • Developing Influence (key site staff who interact with and influence others)
  • Overview (for all site and support employees and contractors).

Why not invest in a bespoke Behavioural Based Safety Programme, see how many RIDDOR accidents it reduces, how quickly you recoup the cost and most importantly how it will keep your business safe.

For more information on this award-winning programme give us a call on 03456 122 144.